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Witkoppen Clinic cannot operate without the support of our partners and donors! We rely heavily on donations to operate. The needs of the community determine which projects are prioritised and we try to raise funds and support for those projects.

Witkoppen Clinic forms part of the Department of Health network and it provides some funding, particularly in the form of laboratory tests, drugs and pharmacy supplies.

We partner with a variety of organisations including:

  • USAID for our dedicated HIV clinic
  • Gauteng Department of Health 
  • Gauteng Department of Social Development
  • Public-private partnerships
    • Drs Bloch and Partners, radiologists at Sandton Clinic. Drs Bloch and Partners provide X-ray services for Witkoppen Clinic patients at a nominal charge.
    • Netcare 911 and ER24 provide medical transfer to hospital for our priority cases and Witkoppen Clinic provides practical training to their EMS students.
    • Witkoppen provides on-site practical training for GEMS Nursing College trainee auxiliary nurses.

Witkoppen Clinic has strong monitoring and evaluation systems in place to ensure our programmes achieve their goals. We use data sheets which detail pertinent indicators. These are collected daily and processed electronically by our data capturers. 

Statistics are submitted to donors as regularly as they require them. Senior management meets monthly to evaluate programme implementation and the financial performance of each donor-funded project. Recommendations are discussed at our quarterly board of directors’ meetings. 

We also hold regular meetings with community leaders and other stakeholders to ensure our programmes sufficiently address the needs of our target communities. 

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