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Pregnant women receive care and education through our antenatal clinic. 

We advise all women who suspect they are pregnant to come to the clinic as soon as possible. Care early in pregnancy is as important as care throughout the pregnancy. This lays the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

An expectant mother will receive HIV/Aids and general health education at her first visit. The mother and unborn baby’s health is monitored monthly. The expectant mother is provided with an appointment for her next visits. A sonar (ultrasound) will be done by appointment. Women may also be referred to a different facility for the sonar. 

All women are offered an HIV test once they’ve been told of the risk of mother-to-child transmission. Women who test positive will receive the necessary treatment and counselling to minimise the risk of HIV transmission to the baby. 

Witkoppen Clinic doesn’t deliver babies. Mothers are referred to OR Tambo Clinic in Diepsloot for delivery.

Please bring a packed lunch and a drink to your first visit, as it will take some time. 

All male partners are welcome and encouraged to attend the antenatal visits. 

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