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Witkoppen Clinic’s child and family care programme provides children in our area with care and assistance, protects their rights, and assists parents and caregivers with their responsibilities. Social workers counsel families, couples and individuals. They provide intensive family support and preventative family strengthening services. 

We provide home visits, crisis intervention and a family preservation programme. This includes skills development, parenting skills, support groups, and intensive support for dysfunctional families to prevent the removal of children from them wherever possible.

There is a lack of facilities in which children can be placed when they do have to be removed from their homes. Foster care is the preferred form of substitute care for children who are not available for adoption. Witkoppen Clinic assists with recruiting and training new foster parents. 

Prospective foster parents

The following is an overview of the requirements and training necessary to become a foster parent. 


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a South African citizen or have permanent residency status
  • Have a stable and dependable monthly income or means of support
  • Provide a favourable environment and suitable accommodation for the child’s growth and development
  • Be physically healthy and mentally stable - be willing to provide documentation from a medical professional
  • Be able and willing to care for a child
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be able to provide character and medical references
  • Be resident in Johannesburg or Randburg magisterial districts (for our project)
  • May be married, divorced, widowed, single or in a significant long-term partnership


The process to become a foster parent can take up to 8 weeks and involves screening, training, and assessment.
Please note that the training to become a foster parent is compulsory for you and your partner. 

For more information please email Ms Caroline Nkwana on

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