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Our postnatal clinic (PNC) provides comprehensive care to women and their babies for the first 18 months after birth. This is done through our FRESH (future realised through education, support, and healthcare) Start programme which is funded by the Gift of Hope. 

The PNC considers the physical and emotional needs of a mother and her baby. Mothers receive routine check-ups and are given information on caring for a baby, for themselves, and recognising postpartum depression. They also receive breastfeeding support. 

Babies are immunised and their milestones are checked. Both mother and baby are regularly tested for HIV, and HIV positive mothers and babies are referred for further treatment and counselling. 

The moms and babies may be referred to other services at Witkoppen Clinic such as the mental health clinic or social services department, if necessary. 

Here’s the schedule of services offered at the PNC: View Here

  • 0 – 7 days after delivery: Mother and baby each receive a medical check-up. If the mother is HIV positive, the clinic will make sure she’s following the correct steps to eliminate mother-to-child transmission (EMTCT), and that she’s up to date with the necessary treatment. 
  • 6 weeks postpartum: The mother will receive a pap smear and HIV test if she was previously HIV negative. EMTCT is provided for HIV positive mothers. The baby will receive immunisations and an HIV test. 
  • 10 weeks postpartum: The baby will receive immunisations. The mother will receive a check up as well as her pap smear results and the baby’s HIV test results. If the mother receives an abnormal pap smear result, she will be referred to the cervical cancer clinic for follow up care. If the baby tested positive for HIV, they are referred to the paediatric HIV clinic for further care. 
  • 14 weeks postpartum: The baby will receive immunisations and the mother is retested for HIV. 
  • 6 months postpartum: HIV negative moms and babies are retested for HIV. Babies are given Vitamin A and their milestones are checked. 
  • 9, 14, and 18 months postpartum: Babies are immunised, and mother and baby are provided with other services if necessary. 
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