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Witkoppen Clinic has a strong track record of research. We have collaborated with several South African and international institutions to ensure the success of these research projects. 

In addition, Witkoppen engages local community partners in research through our community advisory forum and the Diepsloot service providers meeting. 

We also engage with the Department of Health at provincial, district, and sub-district level to inform research aims and to feedback research results. 


Current research includes:

  • Atkins,K., Rucinski, K., Mudavanhu, M., Holmes, L., Mutunga, L., Kaufman, M.R. Bassett, J., Van Rie, A., Schwartz, S.R., 2021. Sexual Relationship Types, Partner HIV Self-Testing, and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among South African Adolescent Girls and Young Women: A Latent Class Analysis Available at: [Accessed 03 June 2021].
  • Clouse, K., Phillips, T.K., Mogoba, P., Ndlovu, L., Bassett, J., Myer, L., 2021. Attitudes Toward a Proposed GPS-Based Location Tracking Smartphone App for Improving Engagement in HIV Care Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in South Africa: Focus Group and Interview Study. Available at: [Accessed 03 June 2021].
  • Van Ginderdeuren, E., Bassett, J., Hanrahan, C.F., Mutunga, L., Van Rie, A.,2021. Novel health system strategies for tuberculin skin testing at primary care clinics: performance assessment and health economic evaluation. Available at: [Accessed 08 June 2021].


Past research includes:

  • Holmes, L., Kaufman, M., Casella, A., Mudavanhu, M., Mutunga, L., Polzer, T., Bassett, J., Van Rie, A., Schwartz, S.2020. Qualitative characterizations of relationships among South African adolescent girls and young women and male partners: implications for engagement across HIV selftesting and preexposure prophylaxis prevention cascades. Journal of International Aids Society. Available at: [Accessed 08 June 2021].
  • Mudavanhu , West ,N., Schwartz, S.  Mutunga, L., Keyser, V., Bassett, J., Van Rie, A., Hanrahan, C.F. Perceptions of Community and Clinic-Based Adherence Clubs for Patients Stable on Antiretroviral Treatment: A Mixed Methods Study.  Available at:  [Accessed 04 June 2021].
  • Tembo, A., Mutunga, L., Schwartz,S. Bassett, J., Ngwatto, T.P., Pakade, N., Van Rie, A. 2020. Home-based delivery of HIV self-tests by adolescent girls and young women to male sexual partners in Johannesburg, South Africa: benefits and concerns. Available at: [Accessed 04 June 2021].
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