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Our paediatric clinic ensures that babies and children receive their immunisations and are meeting their developmental milestones. We provide holistic care for sick children by treating current conditions and also evaluating nutritional and social circumstances of each child and their family.

Paediatric clinic
At each visit, children are assessed, and their vital signs, milestones, height and weight are recorded. Doing this helps to identify abnormal behaviour or physical conditions early. 


We prioritise giving babies and children their appropriate immunisations, vitamins and deworming to prevent specific childhood diseases. We advise children to come to the clinic every six months, from the age of six months. 


Our goals
Witkoppen Clinic follows the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) clinical guidelines. Its goals are to:

  • Immunise all infants
  • Ensure all infants and children are well nourished
  • Treat all acute and chronic diseases
  • Know the HIV status of all at-risk infants
  • Encourage exclusive feeding methods for all at-risk infants
  • Inform mothers and caregivers about basic hygiene, nutrition and health care issues
  • Ensure the medical, psychological and social wellbeing of the child
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