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Our TB clinic, through our COAT Project, actively screens, tests and treats patients about TB.


The TB clinic carries out sputum collection in an area called Bekezela – a well-ventilated outdoor booth that minimises the spread of TB through droplets. If a patient needs X-rays we refer them as required. 


To decrease the burden of HIV in TB patients, we:

  • Counsel all patients about HIV testing
  • Offer educational programmes
  • Prescribe preventative therapy


Witkoppen Clinic supports the South African National Department of Health's strategic plan for Tuberculosis (TB). The objectives of our programme are:

  • To decrease the burden of TB in people living with HIV/Aids. As such, every patient is screened for TB and if this is positive, the patient is investigated for TB disease.
  • Infection control measures include teaching patients ‘cover your cough’ etiquette to reduce the risk of infecting others and wearing of masks. The effectiveness of our infection control plan is monitored monthly.
  • Patients and staff with high risk for contracting TB are given INH - a drug to reduce the chance of being infected.
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