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Access to primary healthcare in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg is inequitable and does not address the South African government’s vision of “a long and healthy life for all South Africans”. 

Informal settlements like Diepsloot, Msawawa and Lion Park have insufficient medical clinics to cater for the large communities. 

As such, Witkoppen takes the clinic to its patients! Our mobile clinic goes into communities to ensure that those who cannot afford transport still receive medical care. 

The clinic is fitted with fully equipped consulting rooms and is entirely self-sufficient. It takes three trips per week to Diepsloot Extension 12 and Msawawa informal settlements. 

On average, 40 patients are seen by the mobile clinic a day. 


The following services are offered by the mobile clinic: 

  • Child immunisation
  • Emergency management of chronic diseases
  • General adult and paediatric care
  • HIV testing and counselling 
  • Social services
  • TB screening
  • Women wellness

The mobile clinic significantly increases Witkoppen Clinic’s ability to provide medical and social services directly to communities.  

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